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It is important to grow as individuals and as a community. The friendships that connect us truly make our journey that much more meaningful. Whether you are just beginning your journey or are grounded on your path, you will find joining us as we study God's word from a man's perspective a worthwhile experience.

Help support the Free family as they walk through this challenging time following the tragic loss of Andrew Free.

This campaign has been set up by a group of Andrew's close friends in order to help people give to the Free family during this time.

Andrew Free (Fuzz) was an amazing man who's impact goes far a wide across qld, He tragically past away on Sunday evening after an accident at his home.  

Andrew is remembered as a larger-than- life larrikin who was dedicating his life to helping others both through his church at Riverway Salvation Army and also as a electrical trades trainer with Careers Australia.

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April 2016

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A Letter To My Son

Recently my son Jack celebrated his 13th birthday. My wife and I wanted to use the opportunity as a "rite of passage" so we organised for for our extended family to meet at the nearby Japanese gardens. Jack did not know that we had all spread out around the park, nor did he know who was there - all he knew was that he had to follow the path. Along the way everyone gathered there was waiting for him with a prepared letter, a meaningful gift, or a word of advice about how best to approach manhood. It was in effect as if we all had been given the opportunity to tell our thirteen year old self what we wished we had known back then!

It was both incredible and humbling that almost all of us had the same things to say - and 20 or so different ways to say it! Here is my letter to Jack:

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